Research Interests

Gleaners1Agnès Varda films herself in The Gleaners and I (2000)


My research interests in film and filmmakers include:

  • Documentary
  • Autobiographical filmmaking
  • Film and cultural memory
  • Jewish film and culture
  • Feminism and film
  • Representations of trauma and memory
  • Childhood perspectives in film
  • Italian cinema
  • Charlie Chaplin
  • Agnès Varda


Research projects:

Visiting Research Fellow, Institute of Modern Languages Research, 2009-11

  • I carried out a research project, Living Memory: Trauma on Film, analysing ways in which children’s memories of national trauma are represented in different genres of filmmaking, including horror, animation, and documentary.


PhD, UCL, Departments of Italian/Film Studies, 2012

Filming the Filmmaker: Archival and Embodied Strategies in Autobiographical Films

  • I explored the ways in which various forms of archive function in autobiographical films, looking at archive images as well as developing ideas of the corporeal body as an archive. I analysed how filmmakers film their bodies, particularly when showing signs of ageing or illness.

Supervisors: Prof. David Forgacs and Dr. Lesley Caldwell.


MA (Hons) Italian Studies, University of Edinburgh, 2003

A comparative study of Italo Svevo and Nanni Moretti

  • I wrote my undergraduate MA thesis on Italian novelist Svevo, and filmmaker Moretti: I enjoyed this project so much that it propelled me to explore notions of alter-ego and autobiographical performance further in my PhD.