Consultancy: Casting Jewish

My experience in the media industry and knowledge of the Jewish community has led me to launch “Casting Jewish”, a consultancy service for productions that aims to encourage sensitive, accurate representations of Jewish people on stage and screen, whether performed by actors of Jewish heritage or not.

Back in 2019, I took part in a panel discussion at Limmud Festival, in which we debated how the lack of Jewish involvement in stage and screen productions can lead to controversial casting and content. The issue has continued to be a topic of public and professional debate. Since then, I have delved deeper into the subject and gained a stronger understanding of the nature of performance and acting methods, as presented in my lectures to the Staten Island JCC and Limmud Festival 2022. You can read my article about Casting Jewish in the JC (March 2023).

I’m very happy to be offering a constructive, positive approach to increasing the diversity of Jewish representation on stage and screen. I don’t advocate for only casting Jewish actors in Jewish roles – rather, I believe in avoiding stereotypes and typecasting, achieved by the informed approach which I bring to a project.

Do get in touch if you’re working on a production featuring Jewish characters. I will advise you on how to avoid stereotypes and typecasting, and how to reflect the diversity of Jewish experience.

“Julia understands the complexity of Jewish stereotyping and her insights should give confidence to uncertain creatives in this minefield of an area.” Gary Sinyor, writer & director of “Leon the Pig Farmer”, “Hapless”